She Wolf


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Year: 2009
  • Update Time: 2020-02-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:48
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She Wolf's Music Video

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She Wolf Reviews

  • Awesome

    By KittyGirl2000
    So hot
  • Same same

    By falconeight
    Same songs, same dance moves.
  • aryn

    By Tracy Beaver
  • Miley Cyrus so copied Shakira!!! :(

    By MagicalLeopleradon12378
    Miley cyrus is in love with a striper oh wait... It's herself.
  • Wow!!!

    By mavanzynerdherd
    its great but its a shame miley cyrus copied her on Can't Be Tamed...

    By templarbeat
    That woman has more sex appeal then any other female in music, hands down.
  • just 4 vid

    By lil white boy
    Kinda hott, watched the vid with the sound off haha
  • creepy...too creepy

    By Sweet Singer 4857
    I mean, what's the point in this video? Shakira, in my opinion, is too over flexible. Not a good video. :( this is just too sexy.
  • um a bit do i put this?

    By angel of whatever
    shes mor flexible than me and dat just well creeps me out o_0 and if u ask me she looks just wellll a bit... sluty! SRRY ALL U FANS OF HER!!! i just needed to make dat apparent...
  • Crazy!!

    By MaTtRoX1092
    Cheese & rice, this woman is so very bendy!! I don't really get what the video has to do with the song and the dances that she does are pretty lame but I still kinda like it. I like it when she says "Awoo."